My Art Story

I always been quite creative person but loved drawing more than any craft (I did various embroidery including those with the silk ribbons, crocheting, making little chests from shells). However, I always was sure, that can’t paint but only draw with pencils and pens, and even this remained on a pretty amateur level because of the strong confidence that isn’t skillful enough to do more. Now, when I look back, I see how wrong I was and moreover, prefer painting better and use drawing mostly for sketching.

Despite of the fact that my latest diploma is in totally different field, I am an artist. I never had a long term artistic education, except some classes from the professional artists on a private level. And of course, many kinds of online tutorials 😉 So, in past 10 years I progressed from this

to this

Well, I did have some skills already, and they were self developed from the basic understanding of simple shapes like circles, ovals, triangles, squares, etc. But the key role belongs to a big desire and interest in visual arts. Also, an observation skill is pretty important.

So, if you do have the strong wish for ability to draw and paint, do know how to draw simple shapes, are ready for trials – errors – trials again and just love art – you are almost an artist, so prepare for your creative journey 😉

Author: olsyart

Ukrainian-American self-taught artist.

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