Autumn leaves

Don’t think that all your painting trials should be successful right after the work is finished. Nope. Instead be ready to see the result you didn’t expect. But don’t be frustrated and disappointed – there is always an opportunity to correct the situation and get an acceptable result. Also remember that practice consists of trials and errors again and again. Even if you are pretty experienced artist. I saw a very exact description of seeing and trying different kinds of tutorials:

  1. Your eyes watching the tutorial: “Wow! That’s cool and pretty easy!”
  2. Your brain: “I’m eager to try this. I can repeat it with no effort and will do even better!”
  3. Your hands: “Well, well…”

Let me show you an example of my trial and error and an attempt to fix the unpleasant result.

Author: olsyart

Ukrainian-American self-taught artist.

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